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I'm a sarcastic and cynical person, but I have an achilles heel. She's a little short-haired black cat with a white flash on her throat and a silvery collar. Since I acquired Buscemi in Summer 2005 (we watched Parting of the Ways together), she's been the keystone of what from the outside probably looks like quite a transient life.

And she likes to go through the wars a bit. After the initial trauma of neutering, jabs, chipping and so on, she obviously got a taste for the vet. Over the last six years, she's managed to pick up ticks the size of grapes, an abscess on one leg, a stab wound, started chewing her fur off (either in reaction to bites or as a stress reaction, not sure which) and sundry other cuts, scratches and injuries. She's eaten elastic bands and we only found out when, ahem, nature took its course, and eaten all sorts of toxic plants and household items leading to lots of colourful messes all over carpets which were thankfully rented.

Buscemi should by rights look like Bruce Willis at the wrong end of a Die Hard movie - and I was actually thinking of calling her McClane before her name stuck. But somehow she still manages to look like an adorable little fluffball, and I'm stupidly soppy with her.

And now she's gone missing.

She goes missing all the time, of course, she's a cat. But this time... it's been 40 hours. And the fur chewing had reached the stage where she was starting to hurt herself.

Yeah, I've got a self-harming cat who probably needs to be put on anti-depressants. This is not as funny as some people seem to think.

I'm worried because I was going to take her to the vet this week anyway out of general concern. She's not been right, but didn't seem bad enough to warrant an emergency appointment on a Sunday evening.

Everyone's telling me she'll show up, but I've had the back door open the last two nights and haven't even heard her jingling bell. I'm really worried, and I don't know how I'd cope without her.


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