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This week in celebrity spotting

I had dinner at The Ivy on Thursday night. It's everything you ever thought and more. Cracking food, excellent wine list, superb cocktails and attentive (but not intrusive) service. There was a carcrash of papps waiting outside, and a flotilla of limos waiting to pick up sozzled celebs at the end of the night.

Sue Johnston and Richard Wilson were having dinner at the next table. I gather there were some people I'd never heard of there as well, but if a sighting of Victor Meldrew and Crime Traveller's third lead actress isn't enough to convey a flavour of the evening, I don't know what is. Richard Wilson has, like Stephanie Cole, finally reached the age bracket that he's been playing for the last 20 years. He's woefully underused as an actor, an apparently cold and haughty man whose face just lights up with unexpected force as soon as he starts talking. The first time I met him, he was with Patrick Stewart watching Antony Sher's Iago - I've since seen them both play Malvolio in Twelfth Night, and I personally thought Wilson did a better job. Recast 1960s Doctor Who with today's actors and he'd make the perfect Hartnell.

But there's no need to go to The Ivy to see a familiar face or two when you live in my neck of the woods. I went to a recording of That Sunday Night Show in Hammersmith's Riverside Studios on Friday night, with Adrian Chiles, Frank Skinner and Alexandra Burke (with her very cute dog). Chiles and Skinner headed to my local pub after the recording and I realised I've seen them in there quite a few times without clocking. I'm fairly sure I called Frank Skinner a wanker for barging ahead of me at the bar the other week. Alexandra Burke came over as very pleasant, but if I'd got the opportunity I would have stolen her dog. Her dog was that brilliant.

And then yesterday we went to another Barnes pub and Gyles Brandreth and Anneka Rice were enjoying the unseasonal sunshine in the beer garden. Alistair McGowan and Roger McGough continue to bob around the periphery of my daily life in Barnes, on buses and in pubs on a weekly basis.

I mention all this because I'm generally very bad at recognising people off of the telly, and normally people have to nudge me and whisper in my ear. At the recent SFX Weekender, I almost failed to recognise Eve Myles at one point... even though I was standing next to the signing queue for Eve Myles.

Rehearsals for Someone Who'll Watch Over Me are moving into the final few weeks. It's selling well, and I really hope to see as many of you there as possible. This will be the biggest part I ever do.
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* vicarious thrills *
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Is it sad that of that long list, Roger McGough is the one I am most impressed by?
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He was in Doctor Terrible! How cool!