Sep. 13th, 2011

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I am now a resident of Barnes. I've been living here for one month, and it's brilliant. The flat is a converted coach house. People tell me this sounds posh - to my mind it's probably posh to own a house with a coach house. Living in one is probably slightly less so.

Not that you'd know. In the catalogue it goes for a studio, but the sleeping bit has a screen, and the large shelf thing between the sofa and the dining room table acts, once a suitably vast number of books and DVDs has filled it, as a partition wall which makes the two areas feel like separate rooms.

We also have an Argos table and four chairs on the small patio which overlooks the garden of the adjoining mansion (a garden which we can enjoy at our leisure, but are in no way expected to tend. Result). I bought the furniture the day after the move, on the grounds that if we didn't get it straight away, it would get no use until next Easter. We've used it maybe six times.

I'm now apparently living on the same stretch of road as Brian May, Anita Dobson and Elle McPherson, and have finally twigged that the slightly morose old chap in the long raincoat sitting in the Red Lion really is Mr Roger McGough. What a house party that could be...

I also have an insanely snazzy laptop which can apparently do 3D if I knew which button to press and wanted to shell out an extra £100 or so. Also, I've upgraded my telly to full HD goodness. Unfortunately the only things I've watched on it so far are Doctor Who, Family Guy and a ropey DVD transfer of Grosse Pointe Blank. Working on that...

So, yeah, I'm a bit pissed off that I didn't quite manage to buy a place, but my bonus has given me the tech upgrade that I never knew I needed and a couple more grand in the bank for the eventual flat deposit. Work is going well, with next year's bonus well in hand.

Helium continues to net me a little something extra every month, but it's pretty clearly going under quickly. It's been a hell of a ride for an aspiring writer to go from maybe £25 a year to £100-£200 a month, and hopefully I'll find something to plug the gap when it eventually stops paying out. At the time of writing, Brits would rather live without a toilet than without Facebook is on the home page. As soon as it's off the home page, I intend to go back and add the Blackadder joke about the toilet being the basis of our entire culture.

On Wednesday, I have the readthrough of the script for this year's London Wetland Centre panto with Terry 'Mind Robber' Wright. I imagine it'll be just like the script readthroughs you see on Doctor Who Confidential, only without all the people trying to hide from the documentary crew and looking as though they wish they were dead. I'm playing Rabbit this year, a stonking promotion from last year's lowly part of Rabbit 2.

So, yeah, that's me. New computer, new flat, new TV. How are you?


drunkwriter: Me in South Park form. (Default)

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