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drunkwriter ([personal profile] drunkwriter) wrote2012-03-20 01:46 pm

Someone Watched Over Me

The play was a storming success, and marks the artistic highpoint of my life so far. People laughed and cried, I got my first ever fan letter (from Jane Sherwin no less), solid professional guidance from Basil Moss, signed several apparently genuine autographs, and bored someone who may have been Duncan Bannatyne (we're still not sure) to sleep... You can't win them all. Even Darrol Blake said I did well... before adding that of course I was far too young for the part. Never change, Darrol.

Below the cut is a picture.

Unfortunately we've had a run of bad luck with photographers lately. One passed away, and another has left for another am dram company. Our chairman did his best at the dress rehearsal, but still...
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
I've been left bereft now it's all over. Luckily, we're already doing auditions for Tale of Two Cities, in which I'll have a very small part. And now to catch up with the acres of my life which I've neglected for the last two months!