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I've now seen, in one form or another, about half of Red Dwarf X's six episodes. I'm going to stick my neck out and say that it's going to be utterly brilliant.

I was among a very lucky group who got to see rough cuts of two episodes last night in Soho Square. Doug, Linda (casting director) and Richard Naylor (co-producer) were there, as were Robert Llewellyn and Danny John Jules.

Everyone has their own favourite series of Red Dwarf, personally I prefer seasons 2 and 3 - some of the special effects heavy later episodes haven't aged well. I think Red Dwarf X will have something for everyone. The characters each get a reasonable amount to do. The actors are looking younger than they did in Back to Earth. The new set is awesome. What can I say that doesn't constitute a spoiler?

How about this - I've said it behind a locked post before, but I'll come out and say it again. Whatever you thought of Back to Earth, it was a celebration of 20 years of the show, a Dwarf equivalent of The Five Doctors. This is quite simply a new series of Red Dwarf. I can't smegging wait.

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To ask a silly question, is it *funny*?


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