Aug. 9th, 2011

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There's some riots going on. Some of the minor clashes have been pretty close to my place (Earlsfield, Wandsworth and a bit of more serious bother in Clapham Junction last night). It goes without saying that there's been a lot of exaggeration and distortion in the meeja. Life goes on, and the tasteless jokes have already started.

Having said that, London's doesn't feel like a safe place right now. My girlfriend is working half days at a childcare centre in Brixton this week, and has been passing burned out shops and flats on the way to work. Working in the City, I'm expecting emails from the same network that kept us updated during the student protests last year.

I'm obviously glad I don't live on Southfields High Street any more, although I imagine it's the least likely place for a looting-based riot inside the M25, and we spent yesterday evening quietly indoors, watching the news and listening to sirens.

But no one's even considered not going into work, or anything like that. The trains are still running (with freakish efficiency for once, in fact), the shops are still open.

We will prevail.


drunkwriter: Me in South Park form. (Default)

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