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Thanks to the awesome [personal profile] miss_s_b, I have joined Dreamwidth.

As LJ friends will know, I've been concerned recently about my old LJ account being too identifiable with my real name. I have another blog elsewhere which tosses my real name around quite freely, but that's one I use to promote my freelance writing career - there's a certain polish and lack of rant. I am relishing the chance to slip back into ranty anonymity.

Not that I have much to rant about these days. Considering the truly awful times in which we're living, barely out of one recession and with another clearly on the way, I have a fairly comfortable lifestyle. I have a cat and a girlfriend and broadband, and who can really ask for much more?

I'm moving flat in two weeks, to a lovely part of London where I've been spending ever-increasing amounts of time for the last two and a half years. Once there, I have funds set aside to buy a gaming computer - whether that's a desktop or laptop will be determined purely by whether there's space for a computer desk in the 'cosy' new flat.

Either way, I'm getting excited about game development again, and am looking forward to restarting my efforts to get a playable RPG out online under my name. Previous efforts have been patches and mods for existing games, mostly Doom 2. This is a big step for me, the format plays to my creative strengths, and I'm excited by the possibilities.

I also now officially have two novel projects on the go, and Casanova has been abandoned. It was an excellent opportunity to hone my translation skills, but I've been getting that dead horse flogging feeling.

And that's me. How are you?


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